You're All Set!

Live Training With Jane Watson

Friday, 9th August, 8:00 PM

Block out 2 hours

The web class will run for around 2 hours. Ensure you block out this time in your calendar!

Show up early

Our webinars always fill up fast.  Ensure you arrive early to guarantee your place.

Use desktop PC/Mac

Our webinars are designed for desktop viewing, for the best learning experience.

What You'll Learn on the Live Web Class

My step-by-step framework for improving your Yoga flexibility using nothing but a Yoga matt and a 2 hours of practice.
The 7 deadly mistakes you MUST avoid when starting out (this can cost you weeks of lost time and frustration).
My secret resources for finding the best equipment to dramatically improve your flexibility.
With my simple yoga training formula you can rapidly start improving your yoga flexibility quickly and with zero effort.  
The unique method you can use to get almost immediate results with simple exercises you can start doing today!

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